Breaktrough Plasma-based Water Purification System

Submitted on December 16, 2011 - 19:52

The Center for Social Innovation at Un Techo para Chile recently revealed a water purification system that is a total knockout: a plasma-based system for water purification that can kill pretty much anything in the water, making it drinkable at a very low cost. How low? What about a few cents per liter?  The forst working prototype can purify 2000 liters in 24 hours, at an energy consumption rate of 100 Watts to purify 35 liters every 5 mins.

The prototype, which looks like a Star Wars light saber (check the photos), is the most effective method for water purification available to date: high technology used for low income areas, and developed in a developing nation.

Plasma-based water purification system

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